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Discover precision and reliability with Conselis, your partner in surveying. Whether for site analysis, building measurements or boundary clarification, we provide accurate data that forms the basis for successful projects. Our advanced technologies, such as laser scanning, ensure clear insights into the dimensions of your project. Choose Conselis and bring your plans to life with the power of accurate surveying.

Accuracy and Precision

Measurements are essential for obtaining accurate and precise information about the dimensions, shapes and properties of physical objects, sites, buildings or spaces. This accuracy is crucial in various applications, such as construction projects, urban planning and land surveying.

Spatial Analysis

Measurements provide the basis for spatial analysis. By collecting detailed measurements, professionals can gain insight into the layout, configuration and topography of an area. This is valuable when making decisions about planning, development and management of different types of environments.

Project Planning and Design

Measurements play a crucial role in project planning and design phases. They provide information needed to create accurate floor plans, determine building parameters and optimize design solutions. Whether for a construction project, landscape architecture or urban planning, surveying is the foundation for successful planning.

Interior Design and Space Optimization

Within interior design, measurements play a crucial role in optimizing space. Correctly measuring dimensions, such as walls, windows and doors, gives designers the accurate information they need to create functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Measurements help determine furniture layouts, choose appropriate decorative elements and maximize usable space.

Property Valuation and Sales

In real estate transactions, measurements are essential to establishing the value of a property. Both potential buyers and sellers need accurate measurements to understand and establish the value of a property. Measurements can also play a role in presenting properties to potential buyers, with accurate floor plans and measurements helping to visualize the space available. This contributes to a transparent and trusting real estate process.

Cad Drawing

Consels is your expert partner in CAD drafting, where precision and innovation come together. Our dedicated team of CAD professionals uses advanced software and technologies to produce detailed engineering drawings that meet the highest standards.

Whether it's architectural designs, construction plans, or mechanical drawings, Consels guarantees accuracy and efficiency. We translate concepts and ideas into clear and detailed CAD drawings, making your projects run smoothly from design to completion.

Choose Consels for reliable CAD drafting that meets your specific requirements and contributes to the success of your projects. We are here to bring your vision to life with the power of high-quality CAD drafting.

Interior and Furniture Design

  • Detailed Visualization: Consels emphasizes detailed visualization in CAD drawings for interior and furniture design, giving designers a clear picture of textures, colors and spatial distribution.
  • Customization: Our team provides custom furniture designs, with CAD drawings showing exact specifications for the manufacture of custom furniture pieces.
  • Aesthetic Alignment: Consels integrates aesthetic elements into CAD drawings to ensure that interior design is seamless to the desired visual and functional aspects.

Building Foundations and Electrical Techniques

  • Integrated Electrical Layout: Our CAD drafting integrates detailed electrical layouts with proper positioning of outlets, switches and other electrical components for optimal functionality.
  • Structural Robustness: Consels ensures structural robustness in building plans, with specific attention to foundation details that ensure building stability.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: We strive for efficient space utilization in building plans, electrical layouts, wood window sections and other details, making buildings not only safe but also practical and comfortable for occupants.

At Conselis, we are a dynamic team of two driven professionals, determined to bring our vision to life. Despite our modest size, we have combined the power of passion, dedication and collaboration to deliver top quality results.

About us

We are dedicated to providing accurate measurements that form the basis for successful projects in a variety of industries. With advanced technology and a team of experienced professionals, Conselis offers comprehensive solutions for surveying, building measurement and spatial data analysis.

Whether you are a real estate developer needing a clear understanding of site data, an architect requiring accurate measurements for a design project, or a landowner looking to clarify boundaries, Conselis is ready to meet your unique needs.

Our passion for precision and reliability enables us to provide customized solutions supported by advanced technologies such as drones, laser scanning and GIS software. At Conselis, we strive to clearly map the dimensions of your project, contributing to the success of your business.

We have worked with leading companies and still maintain active collaborations.